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Adventure Seeker

  • How do I make a reservation for someone else?

    To complete a reservation for someone else, simply type in his or her name instead of yours for the passenger/traveler name. Your profile information (e.g. name, address, phone number, etc.) will be used as a default. However, you may type over the appropriate fields and replace them with the actual traveler's information.

  • Are the prices shown on your site applicable to all?

    Yes, Prices are applicable to both the GCC residents and foreigners.

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    We make every effort to keep all your personal information, including your credit card number, secure. We use the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology to allow your credit card number to be transimitted to us over the internet, if your browser supports this encryption. As you enter your credit card number, SSL encodes it so it is transmitted in a format that prevents eavesdropping or data theft. Once received by our secure server, your credit card number is never transmited over the internet again.

  • What is included in the cost of travel?

    Each Adventure includes different activities, so that is why it’s very important to read the descriptions, which will give you all necessary information and details. We also offer a list of additional activities that you can pay to your supplier directly. International flights are usually not included in the price. Note that the value of our adventures already includes all taxes but does not include Bank Transfer fee.

  • Can I pay with any currency?

    Currently, we support USD and AED depending upon your location.

  • What are the available payment methods?

    Currently we accept Credit cards and Debit cards of leading banks.

  • Can I take my child to the travel?

    Of course! There is nothing more beautiful than to experience vivid moments of life with those who you really love. There are groups that are specially made for traveling with children and there are groups with minimum age for participants (16 or 21 years old). Please specify the details from your manager or in the details of the journey :)

  • Cancellation policy

    - Customers will be able to cancel their booking without any charges at anytime prior to seven days before the event, except the card verification charges.
    - If cancellation is made within the seven days before the event by customers, the payment will be retained in full.
    - Customers to be refunded in full if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions.

    What are the steps to buy an adventure on ub-cool?

    1. Adventure seeker books a package online.
    2. Provider receives a booking confirmation on email.
    3. Provider confirms the booking request.
    4. Adventure seeker completes the payment process.
    5. Provider receives the payment.

    Enjoy Your Very COOL Adventures with Us!!!

Adventure Provider

  • How an adventure provider receives the payment?

    Currently, the payment will be routed through and then transfer it to provider’s PayPal or bank account. However, is currently working on a system that makes the payment done directly from the clients to the adventure providers.

  • How the payment transfer is processed if the provider doesn't have a PayPal account?

    Amount will be transferred through bank account.

  • When does an adventure provider sign a contract agreement with

    Providers will have to sign the contract agreement once they get the first booking request.

  • Is there any limit in number of packages offered by a single provider?

    No, there's no limit for the number of packages uploaded by a single provider.

  • What are commission costs for advertising on the website?

    First year providers:

    No commission.

    Second onwards:

    Depends on the adventure type provider’s offered.

  • Are there any fees, charged at ? will not charge any fees from adventure providers.

  • How easy is it to withdraw from

    Providers are able to easily delist their adventures any time without any additional fees.

  • Is there any fees over PayPal transactions?

    Yes. Standard transaction fees that usually charged by the PayPal which will depend on the terms and conditions of provider’s country PayPal account.

  • What is your targeted age for adventure seekers?

    ub-cool is targeting all the adventure seekers who are willing to find cool adventures, not depending on gender or age. Nevertheless, ub-cool gives the ability for adventure providers to choose their targeted age.

  • What are the requirement for pictures uploaded for each package?

    Minimum 2 high-medium resolution pictures and maximum 8 pictures uploaded for each adventure. Recommended picture size is 800 width, 500 height.

Know more about ub-cool

  • How many companies are currently engaged in your platform?

    ub-cool has more than 300 suppliers all around the world and more that 400 packages posted. As the time continues, ub-cool proceed attracting more suppliers to be part of the cool platform.

  • How long has the site been operational?

    ub-cool platform has been operational since 2014 and officially opened online on May, 2015.

  • Who are the Partners?

    Helps adventure seekers to book their hotels and other accommodation directly in lesser prices.

    Enables the adventure provider transferring their TripAdvisor’s reviews in ub-cool platform.

  • How many team members do you have at ?

    Currently our team totals around 10 team members and consists of a group of professionals, working hard to bring you the best online experience.

  • Is present on social media platforms?

    ub-cool currently engages more than 120,000 explorers each week (and growing) through varies social channels. Our facebook community has more than 100000 subscribers. To visit and subscribe , please go to:

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